This live-edge pecan slab, measuring 6.5' long and between 30"-36" wide) was aching for a gorgeous base. To draw out the rich tones and textures of the wood, the patina on the metal needed to be as rich and varied as the wood. We designed and built a trestle-inspired metal base that was at once old-world with a modern twist, and cut the angles for ease of sitting on all sides. After painstaking sanding and finishing, the slab and base were sealed with a tough, durable protective coat that allows the color palette to announce itself to the world!

Live edge pecan slab sits comfortably on a trestle-inspired metal base.


"I had no idea the railing would look so good; this is art!" -A(nother) happy customer

We love this reaction and want YOU to have a similar one. We create functional art that exceeds your expectations of beauty and function and creates joy for years to come.


With decades of experience fabricating with a variety of materials, we can solve unique challenges of any project, offer artistic solutions AND deliver outstanding quality. Let us help you achieve a premium product that will last for decades!

Grand staircase railing
Clean lines and 3" newel posts stabilize this railing.
Apex welding fab

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