John Sell and Lara Robinson
Lara Robinson and John Sell

We started Apex Welding and Fabrication in April 2018 with the vision of creating custom metal projects that combine inspired aesthetic artistry with stunning functionality that enlivens a space and enriches the lives of the people who pass through. Tall order, sure, but we’re big dreamers.

We’ve discovered that big dreams lead to incredible creativity in our inner and outer worlds. Remember that commercial about the kid laying on his back in the lush green grass, staring up at the clouds with a smile on his face while pen-and-ink drawings of calculations, buildings, rocket ships and the like float above his head? That’s what’s happening inside John’s brain at all times. He uses his ability to visualize complex challenges and come up with unique solutions to whatever project is placed in front of him, thanks to a Renaissance-man resume that includes aerospace engineering, architectural woodworking, boat building, and construction.

Lara came to the team with her own tool bag of skills. In the shop she’s a welder and fabricator and helps with design. In the office, she’s the scheduler, operations manager, communications coordinator, bookkeeper, photographer and marketing manager. She’s a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and holds a Master’s of Applied Science in Environmental Policy and Management. And, she’s frequently found on-site doing wondrous things with patina.

When we’re not building railings and built-ins or fabricating any number of fascinating items, we’re resting, hanging out with our dog Ruthie or soaking in one of Colorado’s natural hot springs. Or eating. Or cooking. Or gardening. Maybe reading. Or going for a hike. Or hanging out with friends. Sometimes a combination of two things like eating while cooking, or eating while hiking, or reading about hiking. We’re definitely doing something fun or dreaming about another adventure!